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Favorite SJ Games:

WH23 (My GURPS Resources)
Munchkin WH23
Dork Tower WH23
Spooks WH23
Ninja Burger WH23

Local Stores:

(In descending order of prefernece
Store Games Play
Ship to
Phone Location (Map) Comments
Jogo Canada Munchkin, Illuminati, chess,
frag, Chez, xbugs
Y Y 253-5347 9-200 Meadowood Free shipping in Canada (order of $150+)
Pendragon Hobbies GURPS, Munchkin, INWO Y Y 772-5415 1354 Main St
Morgana Y Y 779-2540 561 Portage (Pendragon University outlet)
Campaign Outfitters Munchkin, GURPS Y Y 452-8711 15-584 Pembina GURPS 3e at 50% off!
Game Knight Munchkin Y ? 487-4263 978 St Mary's


Jogo Canada (most) Saturdays 1:30-4pm (Central) - Play and Demo above games and more!
Tournaments to be announced, or based on attendance!